12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 1st shift
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 2nd shift
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 3rd shift
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 4th shift
12-13TroopTroop Meeting - Joint Troop/Pack Holiday Party
12-20TroopTroop Meeting - Outing night
12-27TroopTroop Meeting - Outing night
01-03TroopTroop Meeting
01-10TroopTroop Meeting
01-17TroopTroop Meeting
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 1st shift
4 people attending
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 2nd shift
3 people attending
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 3rd shift
7 people attending
12-10TroopChristmas Trees Sales - 4th shift
5 people attending
01-22TroopNorth Andover Merit Badge College
1 people attending
01-27 -> 01-29TroopKlondike Derby
4 people attending
02-11 -> 02-12TroopTroop Outing - Ski Trip
3 people attending
02-12TroopNorth Andover Merit Badge College - Session II
1 people attending
03-10 -> 03-12TroopTroop Outing - TBD
0 people attending
07-02 -> 07-08TroopSummer Camp - Camp Bell
0 people attending
07-19 -> 07-28TroopNational Jamboree - Scout Reserve WV
1 people attending
07-28 -> 08-11TroopPhilmont 2017 Trek
6/10 scouts attending

Welcome !

Welcome to Troop 82's website. We are chartered by Saint Michael Parish and have been serving the youth of North Andover for almost 60 years!

To contact Troop 82 please use the web form under "Contact Us" or send email to one of the email addresses listed under "About Us".

Interested in Joining?

Boys who have finished 5th grade, or are between the ages of 11 to 17 are eligible to join our troop. For more information, please send email to membership@stmichaeltroop82.org.

Are you on the troop email list?

This is a password-protected website. If you are a member (parent or scout) of the troop, don’t have an account on this site, and have not been receiving troop announcements via email, please notify webmaster@stmichaeltroop82.org.

Annual Registration

Posted on Dec 6 2016 - 8:12am

Annual registration invoices have been sent out (you've received an invoice and at least two reminders so far!) -- please take care of them in the next couple of days. About 18 families have still not responded, and our recharter deadline is imminent.

Dec 10 -- Christmas Tree Sales

Posted on Dec 6 2016 - 8:09am

Please sign up for a shift to assist with selling trees, our one big fundraiser every year! Please use the signup links on the upper right side of the home page. All shifts are pretty well covered, except for Second Shift (noon to 3pm). Parents, it is no problem to drop your Scout off and then spend a couple of hours shopping in the Salem/Rockingham corridor!

Congratulations: Scout Earning Rank!

Posted on Nov 16 2016 - 7:25am

This past week James Keeton earned the rank of First Class!

Pumpkin Chunkin Outing Photos

Posted on Nov 12 2016 - 8:40am

Photos have been posted to the album from this month's Pumpkin Chunkin outing

Veterans Day Parade

Posted on Nov 8 2016 - 12:44pm

Scouts and Parents

        Friday is Veterans Day and our troop plans to show our support by marching in the North Andover Parade.  The scouts have the day off from school, so unless you have some other important commitment, we would like to see everyone in attendance.

Thanks for the help!

Posted on Oct 23 2016 - 1:48pm

Thanks to all the scouts that helped shovel mulch in the rain this weekend



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