03-06 -> 03-08TroopMonthly Outing - Sky zone
03-26TroopTroop Committee Mtg
04-17 -> 04-19TroopScout-O Orienteering - We MUST have numbers by March 1st for this outing
04-30TroopTroop Committee Mtg
05-01 -> 05-03TroopMonthly Outing - Mountain Biking
05-28TroopTroop Committee Mtg
06-05 -> 06-07TroopMonthly Outing - Canoeing
06-20Troop4000 ft Mountain Patrol Hike
06-25TroopTroop Committee Mtg
06-28 -> 07-04TroopCamp Bell
03-06 -> 03-08TroopMonthly Outing - Sky zone
14 people attending
04-17 -> 04-19TroopScout-O Orienteering - We MUST have numbers by March 1st for this outing
9 people attending
05-01 -> 05-03TroopMonthly Outing - Mountain Biking
5 people attending
06-28 -> 07-04TroopCamp Bell
3 people attending
06-28 -> 07-04TroopValley Voyagers
0 people attending
07-31 -> 08-14TroopPhilmont High Adventure Area 2015
11/15 scouts attending

Welcome !

Welcome to Troop 82's website. We are chartered by Saint Michael Parish and have been serving the youth of North Andover for almost 60 years!

To contact Troop 82 please use the web form under "Contact Us" or send email to one of the email addresses listed under "About Us".

Interested in Joining?

Boys who have finished 5th grade, or are between the ages of 11 to 17 are eligible to join our troop. For more information, please send email to membership@stmichaeltroop82.org.

Are you on the troop email list?

This is a password-protected website. If you are a member (parent or scout) of the troop, don’t have an account on this site, and have not been receiving troop announcements via email, please notify webmaster@stmichaeltroop82.org.

Summer Camp - Camp Bell - Please Respond

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 2:55pm

There is a March 10 deadline to place a deposit for Camp Bell (June 28 to July 4), in order to secure lowest pricing. Camp will be $395 this year, with slight discounts for a sibling also attending. If you're planning on going, please let Mr. Klose know right away, or use the event signup feature of the website. A separate sign-up will be listed for Valley Voyagers (older Scouts).Thank you!

Medical Forms for Camp Bell

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 2:51pm

For those going to Camp Bell, the deadline for medical forms is May 25. A few have been received already, and it never hurts to turn them in early! Please remember, Parts A, B and C are required, along with a photocopy of both sides of your insurance card. You can find the form here:

Medical Forms for Philmont

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 2:50pm

Philmont participants -- use the same medical form as the one for Camp Bell, but there is also a Part D you and your doctor should read. You can find it here:

Medical Form Hints

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 2:50pm

Medical Form Hints:

  • on Parts A and B, you can type directly into the medical form PDF; save it and then just update and reprint it year after year (until it is replaced with a new form)
  • for Part C to be valid, it must be for a physical performed after 7/5/2014 (or after 8/15/2014 for Philmont)
  • please take care of the physical as soon as possible; we turn these forms in to the camp before June 1 (2015)

2015 Medical Forms

Posted on Dec 24 2014 - 7:30am

The troop would like to update Scout medical forms for 2015. Please turn in Parts A and B as soon as possible. Part C, the physical exam, can be turned in later.

Annual Registration - Last Call!

Posted on Dec 3 2014 - 7:05am

Parents -- it is critical that we close out annual registration -- so we absolutely need to hear back from you (if you haven't already renewed with the troop) today!



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